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Cruising spots in Prague

First of all some facts, to avoid getting into trouble. Same-sex sexual activity was decriminalized in 1962. The age of consent was equalized in 1990 (to 15 – it had previously been 18 for homosexuals). The Army doesn’t question the sexual orientation of soldiers, and allows homosexuals to serve openly. Homosexual prostitution was decriminalized in 1990.

Prague is one of the more gay-friendly countries in the European Union. This increasing tolerance is probably helped by the low levels of religious belief in the country, particularly when compared to its neighbours to the north and east, Poland and Slovakia. However as always, exercise caution when cruising for sex.

Outdoor Cruising

Park Letna Prague

Look out for the Letna Park, Havansky pavillion. The fun happens around the bushes at either side.

Outdoor cruising in Prague takes place mostly at Park Letna. Cruising can be “hit and miss”. Some days are extremely busy, others are not. Obviously, because of the weather, Winters are quieter. Weekends are often the busiest.

The park attracts a wide range of guys, from tourists to local business men and young Czech boys looking for run.

The best time to visit is during the Summer. Cruising starts at the entrance way right up to the top on the left hand side to the park pavillion. The action happens in the buses on either side of the pavillion.

Escort Bars

Escape Prague Escort Bar

Escape Prague is home to some of the hottest escorts in Eastern Europe

Prague has the well deserved reputation of being the gay sex capital of Eastern Europe. Its not surprising when you take a look around the city. Everywhere you go, you will see hot young guys on the streets. The city attracts hot guys from all over Eastern Europe looking for a good time. And they are eager and willing to get some extra spending money by giving you a good time.

Escort bars are popular in Prague. Prostitution is legal as long as your escort is over 18. So if you don’t fancy hitting the dark rooms of Termix and Club On, these bars can help you find your “friend” for the night.

One of the most popular (and recently refurbished) escort bars is Escape. The bar offers a wide range of boys and men. As you enter, you will find them scattered all over the bar, some dancing, some drinking, all waiting to be approached.

Don’t be shy! The boys certainly aren’t. Discuss what you want and how much you are prepared to pay. Like everything, this is a negotiation. Make sure you agree what you are getting beforehand to avoid any confusion. Price will depend on the guy and can vary greatly. Once you have struck a deal, its off to your hotel or apartment.

Escort Bar Temple is also another option. Escorts tend to be less pricier than Escape and there is also the option of taking the escort upstairs, where they have several rooms available, for a fee.

Sex Bars

Drakes Prague

Drakes, famous 24 hour sex bar with live shows, cubicles and dungeons.

Those looking for sex without having to pay for it have plenty of options in Prague. The main two sex clubs are Drakes and Alcatraz. Both clubs have lots of cubicles showing porn videos, dungeon rooms and cruising mazes. They also have bars where you can relax and check out who is around before making your way to the cruising areas.

Alcatraz is popular with the bear and leather crowd. Drakes is much larger and attracts a more diverse crowd and is open 24 hours.

Dark rooms are also popular, especially in the clubs. Termix dark room is especially busy during the weekends.

Sex Shops

Erotic City Prague

Erotic City has a dedicated Gay Store. Prague is home to some of the biggest Porn Studios in Europe.

There are a lot of sex shops in Prague as it is home to some of the biggest porn studios in Europe. Erotic City has a dedicated gay store on Zitna Street which is probably the best. Heaven also has a gay cinema.


Check out the Saunas Section for full details of the Saunas available in Prague. Babylonia sauna offers gay massage and all of the saunas have dark rooms, cubicles and cruising labyrinths.

Featured Hotels

Check out our selection of some of the best hotels in the gay district of Prague as voted by our visitors and editors. Book online and pay at arrival with our partner,

K+K Hotel Fenix

K+K Hotel Fenix

Located In the very heart of Prague, just a few steps from the famous Wenceslas Square and the historic Old Town, right in the gay area. Hotel Fenix offers state-of-the-art amenities and elegantly furnished rooms.

4 Star – From EUR 95 per night.

Hotel Jalta

Hotel Jalta

Situated directly on Wenceslas Square in central Prague, the elegant and luxurious boutique hotel Jalta is right next to the State Opera and the National Museum. Offering all the best shopping streets, sights and gay life just outside the door.

5 Star – From EUR 87 per night.

The ICON Hotel

The ICON Hotel

Just a 2-minute walk from Prague’s Wenceslas Square, The ICON Hotel & Lounge features All rooms feature extra-wide, hand-crafted Swedish Hastens beds, flat-screen TV and a DVD player and there is an iPod and an MP 3 connection. There are also bio-metric laptop-size safes. (Gay club Escape is right next door!)

4 Star – From EUR 71 per night.

Kempinski Hotel

Kempinski Hotel

This new luxury hotel, situated in a residential palace dating from the 17th century is in the heart of the city, offering an unforgettable combination of traditional and modern design throughout and features 75 of the most spacious and best appointed rooms in the City. The average room is 51 m², and most rooms feature a separate living room.

5 Star – From EUR 180 per night.

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