Prague Pride 2013 – Dates

The annual Prague Pride event is one of the highlights of the city’s Gay Calendar and is embraced by the entire city with full support from the Mayor’s office.

Prague Pride 2013

This year’s Prague Pride is expected to attract more then 100,000 visitors.

This year Prague Pride will take place from August 13th to 19th. The main parade will take place on Saturday the 18th of August followed by a series of special concerts.

This is one of the most colorful pride parades you are likely to see in Eastern Europe. And while it has a strong political element, there is also a great party atmosphere.

Videos of Prague Pride

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But Prague Pride will be much more than that: It is a full week festival with over 80 events in cooperation with more than 40 organisations, from human rights workshops to many different kind of cultural events. There will be several parties every day, but you could also visit Prague’s cinemas or theatres, where LGBT+ films will be shown and comedies, circus & cabaret will be offered.

Prague Parade 2013

The highlight of the entire Pride will be the Saturday afternoon parade through the city.

Various exhibitions will be part of the Pride week, with Czech and Slovak artists focusing on LGBT+ life. There will be days which will focus on different parts of the Czech LGBT+ community. A beach volleyball, football, and squash tournament is being prepared for those who like to exercise their bodies. The program will be completed by city tours, picnics, and debates, with various topics such as arts, politics, and religion

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